We know that since the inception of the Battle Royale there has been quite a split among the FPS multiplayer players. Especially for the Counter-Strike Global Edition, however, not all is lost as following the addition of Battle Royale inspired game mod and above all making it free to play, the number of unique players in CS GO has gone way above the charts.

Setting a new record for highest ever recorded unique players in CS GO. According to a CS GO fan, Nors3 the game has apparently managed to surpass the 20 million mark in terms of unique players last month. Which is the highest ever recorded and is, in fact, double the figure compared to the month before it.

Over at the SteamCharts, the increase is not depicted as a significant one that is because it only tracks average and peak concurrent players. Still, the difference can be noticed.

The month of December saw about 395,509 average active players, which is a 28% difference compared monthly basis. Now with all that put into context, the question that has been once again given birth is that will this change continue? Considering the introduction of the Battle Royale mod, things seem to shape up for this game once again.

For those who have played this amazing game, know that it is one of the legendary games when it comes to online shooting. Even before Battle Royale was actually a genre, Counter-Strike was the royal blood in the multiplayer section.

With all that said, it would be too early presume that these number will either die out or continue. Unless we give it a little more time and see how the trend goes, we can’t be certain. Also to add, this is a good opportunity for Valve as well to notice and make some future plans, in regards to future CS games.

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