Just recently Blizzard South Korea banned 18,000 Overwatch accounts for the reason of toxicity. According to google translate, these banns have been implemented because of the “unauthorized acts” by the players.

These unauthorized acts include things like inappropriate chats and deliberately losing the game. In short, everything that can be included in the larger spectrum of toxicity has been performed by these 18,181 banned Overwatch accounts.

So this new year apparently has started with a bang for these banned players. If you are interested you can check out the list of these banned Overwatch accounts for your perusal.

18,000 accounts banned is not a small number and we all are aware of the fact that Blizzard is very serious about toxicity. In fact, their anti-toxicity efforts have been ongoing on a global level.

What is also to be noted is the fact following the implementation of this anti-toxic system, the daily level of the abusive chat was lowered to about 28.8% in America and 21.6% in Korea.

With all that said, one thing has to be understood that Blizzard is very precarious about Overwatch as they want it to live on as a game. Perhaps for that very reason, they also have plans to roll this game out on the Nintendo Switch console.

Source: pcgamesn

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