Spilling it out straight up, Netflix’s Bird Box is an amazing, intelligent psychological thriller, with a few bruises though. Then again which film of this magnitude does not leave a few things untouched. Having said that most of the reviews Bird Box has had are pretty much mixed, however, that is not the case. If anything else it is an amazing piece of entertainment.

A mysterious force that can not be seen emerges out of nowhere and as each day passes, it only seems to cause chaos. Decimating the human population in one of the strangest ways we have seen so far in the films, Bird Box has done true justice.

Causing you to commit suicide upon seeing this force is a complex task and the best part is the fact that Chris Morgan, Clayton Townsend, Scott Stuber, Barbara Muschietti have done it brilliantly. In all of this, we find a women Malorie performed by Sandra Bullock surviving for her children. All the while she embarks on a dangerous journey through deep jungles and river with blindfolds on at almost all times.

Sandra Bullock has given a remarkable performance, perhaps even given us one of her best performances ever. We already are aware the level Sandra can reach, she has more than 50 acting credits that contain almost every role and now with this one added to her resume, she is now in the super league.

With all that said, there are a few points where one thinks that more description on certain matters should have been touched, however, Bird Box gives not only compensates for its weaknesses but in fact, gives the audience an entertainment that hits some major cords.

As soon as Netflix’s Bird Box rolled out, the reviewers and critics have been doing what they do best, criticizing and misleading the audience but that is not the case. If you are a fan of Armageddon based psychological sci-fi mix thriller then this here is your pit stop.

If it helps, Bird Box reminds us of 2018’s Annihilation as well as 2016’s Arrival.

Netflix’s Bird Box Is As Thrilling As It Claims, Reviewers Don’t Have Good Taste 4.7/5 (93%) 3 votes
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