There is quite a lot of anticipation to see perhaps the most talented actor in Hollywood performing one of the most strange and probably the most challenging roles yet. The role of the Joker in the upcoming movie Joker by Todd Phillips.Now, this role has been performed in many DC-based films, however, it has to be understood that it is not related to the larger DC film universe. Above all, you would now be happy to know that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has finally wrapped up filming.

Which means that now we are one step closer to seeing it in action. Having said that whenever we hear the word Joker, few artists pop up in our heads among which Heath Ledger is on top. His performance in Batman The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan really shock the audience off their seats. In fact, it set the benchmark and now with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker role in the works, we can only expect it to be set even higher.

Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most acclaimed and talented actors known for his role in Gladiator (2000). So there is definitely much at play in this upcoming Joker films.

Having said that Joker is slated to roll out on October 4, 2019. So what are your expectations from Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in the upcoming Joker? Let us know in the comments below.

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