It has been on every fan mind that what will be the Netflix’s take in the upcoming The Witcher TV series. We all are accustomed to The Witcher game series, especially The Witcher 3. Which landed like a bomb in the hearts of the fans and so there are a lot of concerns regarding how the series will shape up. Well, on that very note, the executives of The Witcher TV series have added that they are very much pleased with the progress this project is making.

Media insider’s Casey Walsh said that the way this TV Series is shaping up, there could very well be future seasons in future as well.

In a Tweet, Walsh said that the sources are telling him that Netflix is very much happy with what is shaping up and that if all goes the way it is going, we surely can expect multiple seasons in the green zone, even before the first season actually airs.

“Netflix is very happy with The Witcher and we could see multiple seasons greenlit before season one airs or shortly after.”

All of this is still pretty thin, however, it is quite an assurance to know that the creators are happy with the progress and the results so far. This does give a lot of hope and excitement to the fans.

Having said that this season has quite a lot of unique fan base, as one might add. Those who have played The Witcher 3 have a lot more to look forward than the others. That is to say, if any flaws are noticed, the Witcher fans just might reject it altogether.

With all that said, for those who may not know, your very own Superman aka Henry Cavill is the Geralt of Rivia aka The Witcher in this upcoming series.

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