Among the major titles, the name of The Witcher 3 is never missed out. Among the many reasons, it is considered a benchmark of action role-playing games is the fact that it has amazing visuals. Unlike any other game, at least when it rolled out back in 2015. Having said that how would your feel if you are told that a recently surfaced, The Witcher 3 radiance reshade preset has immensely enhanced the vanilla graphics.

This radiance reshade preset 1.0 has improved lighting, shadows and color corrections for The Witcher 3 Vanilla Wild Hunt.

If you wish to know how to install and activate this radiance reshade preset for The Witcher 3, then you are in luck. As the details have been provided below.

Improved lighting, better shadows and colous correction for a more natural visual experience. Main objective of this reshade is to enhance the Vanilla lighting. See images and the videos for details.
Designed for Vanilla. Not yet tested in Toussaint and with other lighting mods. Let me know if it works. Feel free to comment.


Be sure to remove any other old reshades from “x64” folder
Download RESHADE here (ver .4.0+)
Extract reshade wherever you want.
Run the installation and target “witcher3.exe” in your “x64” folder. Then select “Direct3D 10+” as API. Download all the effects when asked
Download and extract “Improved Radiance Reshade” in x64 folder too.


For the best visual experience please calibrate your monitor (gamma, white point etc.). Follow the instructions and use the test images here.
Once in-game, open the Reshade UI by pressing the home button.
Follow the instructions and load “ImprovedRadianceReshade1_0.ini” when asked
Numpad * will activate/deactivate the black borders.
Remember to set:AntiAliasing to OFF, Bloom to OFF

You can find the preset on Nexus Mods.

With all that said, are you ready for CD Projekt Red’s next big title? Cyberpunk 2077? Let us know in the comments below.


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