The founding father of upcoming Star Citizen, Chris Roberts has just recently revealed that the devs, Cloud Imperium Games is looking to roll out the single player portion at least of Star Citizen by 2020. Adding more he said that the Squadron 42 shall have its beta in the second half of 2020.

For those who do not know Squadron 42 is a single player story driven game, which is set in the same universe as that of Star Citizen. So it can be treated as an expansion of Star Citizen. So this does answer a few concerns about Star Citizen at least.

Having said that a new private investment of $46 million USD has also been announced that shall help finish Squadron 42. Interestingly the cast for Squadron 42 includes actors like Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson.

Chris Roberts adds,

“This investment helps secure our independence. We may not have the resources that an Activision or EA have to launch one of their tentpole games, but we now control our own destiny in marketing Squadron 42, especially as we have a secret weapon: all of you,” Roberts writes. “Between the power of the best community in gaming to help get the message out and these additional funds we will be well positioned to enable Squadron 42 to enjoy the success that it deserves.”

As you know that Star Citizen has been in crowdfunding for quite some time now, a little while back we were given a heads up that the fundraising has surpassed $200 million, however, no release date was given. Perhaps this news of Star Citizen single player version making its way in 2020 might add some support to the fans.

Source: gamereactor

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