Fans of Halo have amazing news at their hands, just recently it was confirmed that there will be a support for a 4 player splitscreen in the upcoming Halo Infinite. The devs 343 Industries gave this confirmation during a recent livestream.

Among other minor tidbits regarding Halo Infinite, this news of 4 player splitscreen was also present. Moreover, the devs have added that they have been testing the four-player co-op on the new engine and those tests have been successful. That is why the decision to add this feature has now been finalized.

This feature will see its return after being omitted from Halo 5. Back then with Halo 5, there were some technical limitations for not adding split-screen. Among the major reason was the fact that they could not maintain a solid 60 FPS all the while achieving the scale of AI behavior and surroundings, when on split-screen.

Having said that Halo Infinite is currently in development and is slated for an Xbox release, with an unknown release.

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