Finally, a sigh of relief for the COD Black Ops 4 fans as the Update 1.10 has finally rolled out and it is has brought in quite a lot of new stuff on the table. From new content to game improvement as well as fixes to those pesky bugs that have been irritating you.

However, the biggest of the excitement is the fact that it has brought Specialist Zero to Xbox One and PC. Moreover, this Black Ops 4 Update 1.10 also includes custom games as well as unlocks specialists for you, so you can play in Blackout. However, this is only available in PS4.

Having said that Black Ops 4 1.10 update is about 11 BG in size as recorded for PS4 and is available for Xbox One and PC as well.

The patch notes have also been released by Treyarch, which you can check out below.

Black Ops 4 Update 1.10 patch notes Summary

  • Now available on all platforms with Operation Absolute Zero:
  1. Zero unlocked at Tier 1 in the Black Market for use in MP and Blackout
  2. Hijacked, ARAV, new weapons, and IX Zombies Character Missions in Blackout
  3. Revamped Black Market with 100 Tiers
  • Balance tuning for Zero in MP.
  • Half Off Heist Featured Playlist in MP.
  • Reactive Camo requirement tuning in MP.
  • Stability fixes related to Zero in MP.
  • Vehicle audio improvements in Blackout.
  • Map improvements in Blackout.
  • Gameplay and stability improvements in Zombies.
  • Global Auto Sprint option added (all modes).
  • All Specialists unlocked and “The Numbers” outfit reward added in Blackout (PS4).
  • Limited-time Contraband Stashes added to Blackout (PS4).
  • Daemon 3XB weapon balancing (PC).
  • Custom Emblem fix (PC).
  • Improved Auto Mantle (PC).
  • Black Ops Pass content this week (Xbox One and PC):
  • 2 new MP Maps: Elevation and Madagascar
  • New Zombies experience: Dead of the Night
  • New Blackout character: Reaper

Finally, as you can see the new zombie mode campaign “Dead of the Night” is now live. Moreover, an auto-sprint option too has been added.

There is no doubt that the devs have been trying to make no mistake when it comes to the updates. They have been making tweaks to the blackout mode as well as updating the game maps and improving the game settings. Let’s hope that they keep up with this pace.


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