It seems to be that PlayStation has once again held the spot for the leading TV Advertiser. Now the big questions that are being raised is about Xbox and Nintendo. As for those who do not know that both of them did not make it even on the leaderboard last month.

Perhaps that is why they are now invested in increasing their spends, in order to at least land on any spot of TV Advertiser list, as for PlayStation Xbox and Nintendo will have to work hard to level up to them.

A lot of partnerships are taking place, investments. Speaking of investments, Gaming brands have almost doubled their budgets in comparison to the previous month. About $102.3 million have been invested running about 94 ads 22,420 times on national TV and much much more.

However, as you can guess, PlayStation has remained dominant by spending about $43.1 million on adds on TV oer 4,100 times.

Let us see, to what level Nintendo and Xbox reach when it comes to TV Advertising.

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