The coming year is going to be filled with fun, emotions, and laughter because a huge number of amazing old remakes and some really amazing new animation films, are to hit the cinemas. Today, an interesting new teaser has been released by dream works for their extraordinary upcoming animation film’s third chapter, How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World. In this newly released trailer, we see Toothless join team with Kit Harington for an audition.

How to train your dragon instantly became famous since it was first released in 2010. With a huge star cast to back an epic utopian story of dragons and humans living and fighting side by side, the anticipation about the third part is now through the roof.

In the funny new teaser, we see Kit Harington, who people know mostly by the name of Jon Snow, the role he plays in the notoriously famous Game Of Thrones Series. Kit Harington joining up with Toothless seems to be having a blast, making fun of his character Jon Snow and getting hit and spat on by the playful and naughty Toothless. For those who do not know Toothless is Hiccups dragon buddy called Night Fury.

Enough said, go ahead and check out the awesome teaser. The movie has been slated to hit the cinemas near you on February 22, 2019.

Speaking of Train Your Dragon The Hidden World, a game named Dragons: Dawn of New Riders based on this very animation series is also in the works.

Referring to the old animations, we actually have quite a lot coming our way. For starters, we have a reboot of Shrek, Shrek 5 in the works. Apart from that we also have another sequel for a much-loved animations series Toy Story. Yes, Toy Story 4 is scheduled to roll out next summer.

As for new upcoming series, a Ghost In The Shell animation series by Netflix is also slated for 2020. So in the animation department, we have quite a lot to look forward to.

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