It has now been confirmed that Episode Ardyn will be the final DLC that will roll out for Final Fantasy XV. The news of the departure of the Godfather who made Final Fantasy what it is now landed like a bomb, especially for the fans. However, Hajime Tabata is working on his own studio and leaving this loved series in the hands of other talented developers.

This Episode Ardyn will roll out for Final Fantasy XV in March 2019. Now since this is the farewell DLC, Square Enix is all in with this one. They seem to not be sparing any expense in how to gather all the fans for this one and make them feel alive once again.

Having said that the devs have also rolled out the teaser trailer of Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Having said that did guys know that the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD has been announced to roll out on Nintendo Switch? If not then yes, it has been officially announced, so perhaps you can look forward to that as well.

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