We know that Project Cars 2 released last year in September and it has only been a year. However, fans of this game would be happy to know that the development of Project Cars 3 is already underway. This announcement was made on the forum GTPlanet by the CEO Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios.

Bell said that the development of Project Cars 3 has started. However, as in most cases, this was it, he did not reveal any more details about this soon to be the new addition to the series. Moreover, he also added that it might take some time to develop it so bear patience and that more details will follow through in time.

For those who have played Project Cars 2, know that it got quite a lot of good reviews, perhaps that is the reason the devs have initiated its development. Hoping to get even better reviews and anticipation compared to its already out predecessors.

Let us hope that this new addition which is under development turns out to be more amazing than the previous one.

What are your expectations from Project Cars 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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