We know that there is much love for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but wait till you hear this one out because this news is just hilarious. Apparently, a visit from the police over alleged noise complaints resulted in then Cops Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Jovante Williams is a young chap who recently had a visit from the local cops, over some noise complaints. When the officers arrived at the scene, they found out that nothing was amiss. The noise was not too loud and just some friends playing video games.

Regarding the whole situation, Williams said on Yahoo Lifestyle that

“there’s been a couple of noise complaints going on, from the same people.”

When the officers cleared that nothing was amiss and were about to leave, Williams offered them to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Yes, they played and in fact were darn good at it as well as enjoyed it.

Having said that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just recently rolled out and seems to be enjoyed to the fullest, the fact that Cops are also playing justifies it all.

Source: Yahoo

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