It is now a regular thing, Steam‘s struggle with censorship is something that has been going on and off. From Steam demanding the removal of sexual content from games to Valve going back in its stance following the backlash faced by the health community. Now a new wave of censorship has pushed Steam to ban games that feature child exploitation.  

Just recently we came to know that Steam is pulling back its games with adult content which feature characters, which appear to be minors in any sense. This is being referred to as a new wave of censorship across digital games platform.

The basic trigger of this whole censorship apparently comes from a statement on the cross-dressing,  VN Cross Love‘s Steam community page.

The game’s lead developer added that their listing was removed without any courtesy.

So uh, yeah. Apparently we’ve been banned from Steam for some reason. Not sure what to say. We’ve reached out to them for an answer and if we can do anything to rectify these changes.

Developer Top Hat Studios over at Twitter added,

All of this is unclear at this moment, we will have to actually see what will become of this. As well as this new censorship wave pushing Steam to ban such games.

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