When Netflix took a chronicled look at the life of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar along with many other drug kingpins, the attractions to the audience was without any doubt captivating. Netflix’s take was inspired by true events which led to the next sequel of the same series, Narcos: Mexico. Now just picture the next TV series, to be Narcos Afghanistan.

Wouldn’t that be something? In Narcos Mexico we take the chronicled look at the life of Guadalajara Cartel. Along with the DEA agents trying to make sense of what is actually at play in Mexico. However, all of Cocaine in the Pablo Escobar’s era and the Weed production from Mexico does not fall near to the Opium production in Afghanistan.

According to a report, in 2014 only, Opium produced in Afghanistan was over 6.400 tons which amount to about 90 percent of the total world’s supply. Opium is entwined with not only the high levels of Afghanistan government and the economy but with international countries, like the USA, which is not much of a surprise. Moreover, it is tightly knitted with the War on Terror.

The peak share of Cocaine trafficking, as well as production in Colombia’s national income, peaked with six percent in the 80s. While according to the United Nation estimations, the Opium industry of Afghanistan sums up to about 15 percent for the economy. This leaves, the biggest ever cocaine business like a sideshow compared to the narco business in Afghanistan.

Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings Institution student who has studied illicit economies with a prime focus in conflict zones said,

“Whatever the term narco state means, if there is a country to which it applies, it is Afghanistan, It is unprecedented in history.”

So why not go for a big fish? If Narcos Afganistan could become a reality, done by Netflix of course, it would definitely be a Narco adventure TV Series of the present era. The take Netflix has on Narcos and the countries driven by drugs, it would not be difficult for them to understand the whole situation.

Having said that if Opium production does not push Netflix then the fact that Afghanistan is also the leading producer of hashish just might.

So, perhaps Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato and Doug Miro’s take on this Narcos Afghanistan might be the next stop. As for the charismatic drug kingpin, Afghanistan is plaguing with them. In 2005 DEA arrested Haji Bagcho, one of the largest heroin operators in Afganistan and that is just one big Godfather.

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