Fans of Anthem know this clearly that the game is currently undergoing closed Alpha and what is even more clear is the fact that it is under strict NDA. However, an Anthem streamer was foolish enough to test his luck and unfortunate as it may seem, he had to pay the price of violating the non-disclosure agreement.

Now, this poor Anthem streamer goes by the name “smokethrone” has been caught and lost his entire Origin library, which for a gamer is a big loss. We know that Mark Darrah has been very clear about the strict NDA policies that have to be followed. In fact, has gone on Twitter to let those know, who were talking over social media about the connection of Anthem not working that this is a violation.

He said,

Having said that we can not be completely certain to whether or not smorkethrone actually has lost all of his Origin library or not. Or it could also be a possibility that EA and BioWare have simply suspended the access until further notice. Either way, he is some deep waters, provided it is not any kind of a bluff.

BioWare’s Anthem is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles scheduled to roll out in February next year. We know that BioWare has focused on its production a little too much, in fact to such a level that the propduction of other major tites too seem to be affected. However, there is no doubt that BioWare has very high expectations and that is why they do not want to make any kind of mistakes.

Having said that, Anthem is slated for a February 22nd 2019 release for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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