Destiny fans would be happy to know that, just recently, Bungie took an in-depth look into the next Destiny 2 raid, which shall be joining us in Destiny 2’s Annual Pass. According to Bungie, this new addition will replace the standard chunks of DLCs in the past.

Well first off, Black Armory is at your disposal, as you can see in the video. On that note, it is pretty strange because previously, Bungie did add that they will not be using cutscenes to give glimpses of the story. However, it seems like they forgot all about that, as one can see some moments, although brief.

That said, Black Armory shall add new weapons and gear, from a source previously hidden to Guardians. Moreover, there will be a bunch of new lore to accompany it all.

Above all, there will be a brand new Destiny 2 raid, which is set within Earth’s The Last City. Those who remember Destiny 2’s vanilla campaign, prep yourselves for a much longer visit this time.

Moving further an unnamed spring event is also on the list for all the players and seems to be that it might bring back the fan-favorite character Eva Levante. Destiny fans know that Levante from Destiny 1 has not yet made it to Destiny 2. Well, that is about to change.

What is really interesting is her event. Not sure what it is, but one thing is sure: that Bungie will provide various things, whether you have the Annual Pass or not.

You can check out the current schedule of free and Annual Pass content.

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