Devil May Cry fans have the chance to see something interesting and its the new Devil May Cry 5 gameplay footage. Yes, a new gameplay footage of this upcoming game has surfaced online and it really is amazing.

We get to see Dante’s weapons as well as special attacks. You can check out the gameplay footage of Devil May Cry 5 below.

This footage has been shown during the recent episode of Capcom TV on Youtube. Apart from the weapons and special attacks, the animations of the characters are pretty decent. In fact darn right impressive if you ask us, especially if you compare it with what we all have seen in the previous entries of Devil May Cry series.

With that said, Devil May Cry 5 is definitely making some big promises and setting a lot of hype. Also, there is no doubt that Capcom is working really hard on making it as amazing as they can. Talking about its development, did you guys know that the engine used for developing Devil May Cry 5 is the same as that of Resident Evil 2 Remake? Which is pretty interesting.

Moreover, not sure if you guys know or not Devil May Cry 5 has also been Rated 18+. Which is the first of its kind in the series. So all of this points to one thing only that Capcom has all the intentions to make this one as unique as possible.

All of which has set the expectations bar a little too high, even Capcom has shared that they have very high expectations for this upcoming title.

Putting all that into context, what are your expectations from this upcoming title? Also, what do you think about this new Devil May Cry 5 gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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