It is a high possibility that the next week may very well see the first Black Ops 4 Blackout map update and the bets are that it may also include a map from Black Ops 2.

Yesterday Activision took to the Call of Duty Twitter account and shared a teaser video, which gave birth to this notion of a blast from the past. The video suggests that the changes could very well arrive on December 11.

As you may see in the teaser which shows off a portion of the Blackout map. Implied as to be seen through a radar. We see the radar beam sweeping around and then a blip appears on the screen.

Now the blip is north of Nuketown, considering that and the fact that there is a separate teaser, all of which seems to suggest that the popular Black Nuketown Ops 2 map might be with this Black Ops 4 Blackout Map Update.

Most of the fans seem to think that this map could be “Hijacked” from Black Ops 2. However, we can not be certain about anything at this point. Other than the fact fact that a map is definitely coming.

It has been some time now that we have been receiving teasers from Treyarch‘s studio design director, David Vonderhaar. Just last month he teased saying that a plenty of Blackout map changes are going to take place. However, he did say that he was not sure when.

Those teasers corroborate information from Treyarch’s studio design director, David Vonderhaar. Last month, he tweeted to say that Blackout map changes are definitely happening, but that he couldn’t say when.

With all that said, we have been having various Black Ops 4 updates, every now and then but this is the first map update for Black Ops 4 Blackout, the battle royale version.

There is no doubt that Activision is cashing this game in and it seems like they have only begun. The moment this game rolled out, the sales have been through the roof and still, they do not seem to settle. However, having Battlefield V and it’s controversies joining the race, the real competition has only just begun.

Source: PCGamesN

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