Tekken 7 Update Version 2.10 is now live, which means that it is available for download. This update is about 1.5 GBs in size so it is a hefty update for sure.

We have listed below what this Tekken 7 Update Version 2.10 adds.

Support for Craig Marduk and Armor King added.

Character panels for Anna Williams and Lei Wulong have been added.

As a Season Pass 2 bonus, “Fighting King’s Raiment (TWT)” has been added for Noctis.

Made adjustments to game balance of several characters.

The health gauge’s design has been updated.

The character selection music has been updated.

New illustrations have been added to the gallery.

Apparently, no official patch notes have been released for this Tekken 7 Update Version 2.10. Also currently Armor King and Marduk are also not available in some of the regions of US. However, PS4 users in EU and Asia seem to have access to the characters.

Having said that if your region or platform does have access to the characters, then worry not, it is only a matter of time before this is taken care of. So we would suggest keeping your eyes peeled out on your region’s online store.

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