BioWare’s most loved but not yet released title Anthem just had its screenshots rolled out and to be honest, they really look amazing. After taking a look at these recently released screenshots, one thing is pretty obvious, the fact that BioWare has definitely stepped up the level compared to what we have seen before.

When we saw Anthem at E3 2018, we were mesmerized but now the devs by revealing these screenshots, are trying to let us know that what we saw at E3 was not the level, this is.

Even though the E3 trailers were really amazing and these are just mere screenshots but even with this limited reveal, we can deduce that the visual quality has been enhanced quite a bit.

It is known to most that BioWare has been working hard on this upcoming title, every now and then the executive producer Mark Darrah connects with the fans either on social media or through other channels, to add more spice to this game’s hype. However, one thing is pretty certain, which Darrah has also added that the devs have their major focus set on the gameplay of Anthem.

Trying to make the gameplay of this game as amazing as possible is just one major focus, Durrah has added. Perhaps that is the reason, BioWare has very high expectations for Anthem, especially in terms of sales.

Having said that you can check out the Anthem Screenshots below.

Anthem is scheduled to roll out on February 22nd across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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