The trailer below will definitely ring some bells and pull some strings. Some of you may recognize it some might relate to it in some form and that would be because it is the unofficial mobile equivalent of Dark Souls. And the best part is that this Unofficial Mobile Equivalent Dark Souls is making its way on Nintendo Switch.

With that said, this mobile equivalent of Dark Souls originally rolled out across multiple smartphones digital stores, sometime last year. It is referred to as Animus: Stand Alone by Tenbirds and the best part is that this unofficial mobile equivalent Dark Souls is making its way on Nintendo Switch.

Back when it was released, this is what Tenbirds have to say.

This is our first foray into dedicated game consoles, so we are very anxious and super nervous. It took our team a long time, dedication and hard work, and overcoming unforeseen difficulties, and constant changes to get to this point. We send many thanks to all of the players for asking us to get this to the Nintendo Switch and for the encouragement…Stand Alone should be a great pick-up-and-go type of game for players looking for something similar. Thank you.

For those who want to have an even better experience on Switch, you can always check out the official Dark Souls: Remastered on Nintendo Switch.

With all that said, this game is scheduled to roll out through Japanese eShop on 6th December, all the while it shall roll out on 24th December across Europe and on 3rd January in America.

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