Just recently a fan of this upcoming BioWare’s game, Anthem, asked over at Twitter that will the players be able to play this game across platforms. To which Mark Darrah, the Executive Producer of Anthem said that Cross Play won’t be present at launch. Which implies that perhaps in the future.

We know that Electronic Arts has been pursuing, cross-platform play for some time now. In fact earlier this year they added that it is a preference for their future games. Also, we know that BioWare has not shut doors for Cross Play in Anthem. So there is a possibility that perhaps in the future, it might happen.

Most of us are aware of the fact that Mark Darrah is one of the few people in the gaming industry, who is completely transparent when it comes to questions and answers. He does not hesitate to say “no” when necessary and this does give more hype that for BioWare Cross Play in Anthem is a future priority.

Having said that, of course, most of this depends on Sony, who have somewhat of a different approach to cross play. Most of the gamers do refer to this act of not having cross play by Sony to be a superiority complex in a way.

We all are aware of the longtime debate between Xbox and PS4 cross play. So this debate is perhaps the only obstacle towards adding Cross Play in Anthem.

With all that said, Anthem is one of the most anticipated titles by BioWare. They have without any doubt been working hard on making this game as brilliant and promising as they can. From introducing Javelins to those futuristic weapons and above all the focus on gameplay, it seems to be that EA has set its expectations a little too high perhaps.

In fact to such a level that the development of other projects like Dragon Age 4 has been affected. Still, until we get to see the game in action, we cannot be certain about the promises made.

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