Earlier this month, Smash Battles was launched in order to celebrate this fisticuffing simulation making its way on Nintendo Switch come December. Now while there will be only four people will be able to take part in the tournament, everyone else also has the opportunity to take part by helping in the selection of top eight fighters for the contest. Which means you can vote for Super Smash Bros Characters.

Smash Battles is a live stream tournament that shall take place at The Loading Bar in London on 7th of December. So for those who live in the UK, you can sign up in order to participate at “Smashbattleslive“. You will have the chance of winning a fancy limited edition Nintendo Switch as well.

However, do keep in mind that you are available next Friday and be able to travel to London for it as well.

Your, voting for Super Smash Bros Characters will help in the selection of the top eight fighters for the contest. Those top eight daily winners will go into the final tournament.

Source: Nintendolife

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