As soon as Fallout 76 rolled out there was quite a lot of excitement. In fact to such a level that there were rumors regarding its early launch. So if Bethesda claims the player count of Fallout 76 to be in millions it does seem to reason.

Not much of the post-release information about Fallout 76 has yet been given out. Yet Bethesda claims in their new blog post that the number of players currently playing the game is in millions. Another interesting thing they mentioned, was the longer playtime of the players claiming it to be very high.

A huge thanks to all of you who have been playing Fallout 76 and embarking on this journey with us. Millions of you are playing the game and playing it a lot. We love hearing your stories, sharing your photos, and fighting alongside you in the quest to rebuild Appalachia.

As we continue to read your feedback and watch your streams, we understand there are also a number of frustrating issues. We want you to know that we’re committed to rolling out fixes and features on a regular basis and implementing changes based on your feedback. We also continue to work on an incredible list of updates for the game, including new quests and events, new Vaults opening, a faction-based PvP system, and much more. We’re confident, with your support, we can make Fallout 76 an incredible experience for years to come.

As the game is said to be receiving lots of praises, players interest, and longer playtime. Yet there are some issues with the game which are under discussions, among the players and the fans. Included in these issues, is an issue about a canvas bag which was to accompany the Power Armor Edition but instead, a Nylon bag was sent. Bethesda responded to this issue in these words.

After understanding the current situation of the disappointed customers, Bethesda a few hours back announced that the unhappy owners of the Power Armor Edition will now receive 500 Atoms. Keeping in mind Atoms are the in-game currency, which can be used to buy different cosmetic items.

Still, apart from these issues, the game seems to be making its place among the fans. This news about the increase in the Fallout 76 Player Count looks like a solid improvement in the game’s success.

More news about the additional stuff, new patches and fixes are expected to be released soon. We will be updating them on the website for all the fans out there.

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