It is not known to everyone that the generation of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are reaching their life cycle. In fact, both Sony and Microsoft have also acknowledged the fact and have been revealing very little details regarding their next gen titles. And now it appears so that Microsoft might be a little closer towards next-gen Xbox than we anticipate it to be.

Several job listings have surfaced, which aim to recruit senior staff and lead members to develop the next gen Xbox console as well as its accessories.

With that being said there are three mains listing on the website, all of which are senior leadership positions. They include Sr. Electrical Engineer – Xbox, Senior Electrical Engineer – Xbox Storage HW Developer and Sr. Mechanical Engineer – Xbox.

The Sr. Electrical Engineer Xbox shall lead the electrical development for the next gen Xbox console. Details about this job have been made available below.

The Xbox Hardware development team is seeking an experienced electrical engineering candidate to lead the electrical development of our next generation accessories. The successful candidate is one who enjoys bringing both technical and tactical expertise to cross-disciplinary teams and is excited about leading system-level and sub-system designs through fast-paced product development cycles. A strong mix of technical breadth and depth will allow you to work cross-functionally with different disciplines (Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Firmware) to develop compelling innovative products. You will design and develop circuits, select key strategic components and that encompasses the entire product.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a solid understanding of core engineering principles, analytical process, disciplined methodology, superior problem-solving skills, and a passion for developing technologies and products with a broad scope of impact. Experience including contribution to the development of world-class consumer electronic products is desired. Strong technical leadership, communication skills, and a willingness to tackle big challenges are necessary for success in this position.

As a leader on the development team, you will be the point contact for interdisciplinary collaboration and decision making, ensuring other team members are prioritizing deliverables accordingly, and partnering with program management, operations, and external vendors for a successful product launch.

As for the second job listing for Senior Electrical Engineer, he shall be tasked with leading the development on the console’s storage section for the present gen and for the next gen Xbox console. Moreover, in the description of this listing, it is hinted that the company is looking into SSDs as a potential storage option for the future Microsoft console.

We are seeking a qualified candidate for a Senior Engineer to develop storage solutions with the Xbox console hardware development team. Storage solutions include HDD, SSD, and Flash based storage technologies. The successful candidate will be the primary technical focal point for existing and leading-edge storage technologies on currently shipping and future Xbox design projects.

And the last one, we have Sr. Mechanical Engineer-Xbox who will be tasked to lead the mechanical system

With all that said, we certainly can not say what all of this means but what we can deduce from all of this is the fact that some serious work is undergoing for the next-gen Xbox console.

Talking about the future console, just a little while back, Phil Spencer, the Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft talking about this future Xbox and online streaming said something peculiar. He said that stream only Xbox console is not the future.

So, while the world is moving towards the online, Phil Spencer seems to have something else in mind. Let us see what becomes of it all.

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