When Venom originally rolled out, its critics and reviewers were not too happy with it. In fact, they stuck their heads out to actually say that this film does not do justice, let alone meet expectations. However, following its success in the opening days, Venom Critics had to recalibrate their stance.

Some even added that this film has only been saved by Tom Hardy’s staggering performance. While we all know that Tom Hardy‘s performance was, in reality, amazing, it is an arguable fact that the success of this film comes from its failures.

Following the success at the box office, after leaving behind Justice League with a $675 million US globally, Venom has now surpassed Wonder Women, with a current global of 822.50 million dollars.

So, the question remains? Why is this film surpassing the success benchmarks while the Venom Critics have a negative opinion about this. Perhaps they should look for another line of career because seem to not know much about this one.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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