The much anticipated Aquaman, staring the famous actor, Jason Mamoa, recently premiered in London and the first ever reactions seem to be positive. Honestly, fingers were pretty crossed on how the audience would react but it seems to be that this DC film might have a good start, after all.

As soon as the premiere took place, the First Ever Aquaman Reactions seem to have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Over at the Twitter, most of the audience has said positive words regarding Aquaman. In fact, some even referred to it as the best DC film since Nolan’s Dark Knight.

Aquaman is directed by the acclaimed director, James Wan. The film is set after the events of last year’s Justice League movie. Aquaman comes to a realization that he is the heir to the throne of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

Moreover, in order to prevent the conflict between the surface world and the underwater world, he teams up with Mera to prevent it all.

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