Fans of Nintendo know that Super Mario Odyssey is perhaps one of the best available games on Nintendo Switch. The new gameplay mechanics, especially using Mario’s hat, Cappy and all because, in a picture with his friends, Christiano Ronaldo was seen wearing Mario’s hat. Which points out to the fact that he is a fan of Super Mario Odyssey.

Well, Super Mario Odyssey already has a lot of fans perhaps too many but seemingly having worlds most popular soccer player in the loop is something that really adds to the basket.

Just recently Cristiano Ronaldo took to his Instagram account and posted a picture. In the picture we see Ronaldo with his soccer mates, however, what is interesting about it is the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey.

Which tells us that this famous star is also a fan of Nintendo and what’s on it, Super Mario Odyssey. Having said that all, Mario will be making a return with Super Smash Bros which also has a lot of anticipation behind it as well.

Be that as it may since we are at the end of November it is unlikely to expect Nintendo Direct to take place at least at this point. So fingers crossed on that one.

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