While the fans are all prepped up for the one and only Game of Thrones Season 8, they know that there is still a lot of time before they see it in action. However, for those who are a fan of Game Of Thrones Writer George R.R. Martin then you would not want to miss his upcoming new series Nightflyers as well.

Just recently the first five minutes of Martin’s upcoming series known as Nightflyers have been released online and they are very much captivating. This is perhaps Martin’s apart take to the writing so far, the situation is completely different.

We have the star Gretchen Mol whom we see floating through a spaceship, certainly, we see her in panic as she re-activates the gravitational pull. Following of which we see her transmit a message that the ship, Nightflyer has sustained heavy damage and the crew has suffered multiple fatalities.

So what we can add is that this even the first five minutes written by Game Of Thrones Writer are pretty intense. You can check out the video below.

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