For a little while back, there have been rumors which seemingly took hype a little too much, per say. As they actually shaped up to become a reality and a mode of excitement for the Pokemon fans. However, while there are many who are reporting The Eevee Tamagotchi to feature a new evolution to be true, it apparently seems like to not be the case.

Initially, nintendosoup reported that two 90s icons Pokemon and Tamagotchi were joining forces, however, their stance has been corrected based on a better source as per the claim of “nintendolife” that the Eevee Tamagotchi shall not be featured.

According to their Pokemon expert Joe Merrick, the special Tamagotchi featuring an exclusive new evolution is an incorrect report. Adding that actually, you will get one of a few special Eevee including Ditto Eevee, Team Rocket Eevee and costume Eevee.

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