Battlefield V is out and fans are now in the game, at the moment we are hearing good things about this recently released game, however, there are some criticisms as well. Still, Battlefield V seems to be enjoyed. Talking about enjoyment, there is this Panzerfaust launcher in the game which apparently destroys even the heavily armored vehicles as well. Worry not there is a Panzerfaust tweak coming in the next patch of Battlefield V.

Those who are playing Battlefield V, they know that this Panzerfaust launcher is a pain the ass, in fact, because of it players are not able to drive vehicles and that also includes tanks. As this launcher is perhaps the only explosive in the game that gives the kind of damage, which no other explosive gives.

Moreover, it actually renders the tanks useless, however, DICE has given confirmation that players need not worry as in the next Battlefield V patch, there is a Panzerfaust tweak which will take care of this issue.

This news was revealed and confirmed by the multiplayer Producer at DICE, David Sirland.

With all that said and done, since Battlefield V is out, we all know what that means right? Our next question is to see what kind of weight will be put on the success of Black Ops 4. As we all know that the latest CoD has been a massive success.

While there is no doubt about the various aspects of the Battlefield V to be as amazing as promised, like the gameplay to be close to reality, what we are interested in is the sales numbers and the user base, for starters.

What are your thoughts about Battlefield sales? Let us know in the comments below.

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