Not sure if you have heard or not but fans who have been waiting to hear about Star Citizen might be a little happy to know that the donations for this game have reached $200 Million. Which points out to the fact that there is a whole new world that wants to see this game released. However, even after this big achievement, you can be sure that you won’t be hearing about Star Citizen release date anytime soon.

As you know that lately there have been very few space exploration games, like No Man’s Sky and Mass Affect Andromeda. Which have been pretty much stumbling in towards their success and so fans now have put all of their faith in Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts the man behind this game in context, Star Citizen, recently addressed the fans of the game about the $200 Million mark, in crowdfunding along with some other details of the development. Mostly acknowledgments and nothing about the game, to be honest.

The true celebration is one of how a community came together to enable a shared dream to come to life. How gamers from all over the world came together to finance one of the biggest and most ambitious projects ever embarked on. There is no publisher. No big conglomerate. This is all grassroots, funded by gamers for gamers.

So, what we can assume from all of this is that we are sure to see Star Citizen but do not expect to hear anything about its release date any time soon.

You may already know that the game has been in development for years now, all of which started back in 2012 with the aim to roll out in 2014. Now ever after four years, we are nowhere close to the release date. However, this $200 million donation might speed up things a little but only a little.

Source: Screenrant

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