As you may know, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 rolled out just a few days ago and while it still does not seem to level up to all the hype it was built on, it seems like the first ever Fallout 76 Patch is out and it is a massive 47 Gigabytes in size on consoles that is.

However, fans would be happy to know that even with such a big size the original size of the game seems to stay pretty much the same.

This 47 gig size on the consoles, apparently seems to replace quite a lot of already existing codes that were already in the game.

For those who have played the Fallout 76 Beta, they would know that this game has had a fair share of bugs even then and also after the complete version rolled out.

Having said that it does seem like this first Fallout 76 patch majorly focuses on fixing those existing bugs, however, it also adds a few new things as well.

Fallout 76 on PlayStation 4 originally sized at 53.04 gigabytes while even after this massively sized patch the size of the game has only increased to 53.23. Which seems to point out to the fact that all of this new data is referring to the multiple new additions and also that it is more of a bug fix.

Having said that this first Fallout 76 patch is much smaller on PC compared to one on consoles, about 15 gigs in size.

Perhaps now would be the perfect time to check out this patch and hopefully, have a better experience than the one you are having now.

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