Cliff Bleszinski aka CliffyB, you may also know him from the Unreal or Gear of War series recently in a response to a Tweet sounded really pissed off and said that he would be making video games any more like he is done with all this. Cliff Bleszinski clearly said, no more video games from him, period.

Cliff Bleszinski is the former design director of Epic Games and the co-founder of Boss Key Productions, now-defunct. In a response to a Tweet, Cliff Bleszinski clarified that he will not be making any more video games. This he said to the Tweet, talking about refunding those who purchased LawBreakers.

Although he has retired once before, this time it seems like he is done for good. At least that is what seems to be the case based on the brief response he provided to Games Industry.

“You all won’t refund players who stuck with you all and spent money for you all to keep up the content,” reads a tweet from what appears to be a troll account. “Now all that money is wasted.”


So, with all the complications it seems like, no more video games for Cliff Bleszinski that is for sure. Having said that it does seem an awkward situation he has found himself in, not a kind of retirement he might be looking for but what can one say, this fast-paced gaming industry is ruthless for sure.

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