For those who have a knack for playing horror games, they would definitely agree that Supermassive Game’s Until Dawn was one of the better horror games for this present generation. And that is why it would not be wrong to expect another similar title from Supermassive Games, on that note, the Executive Director of the studio just might have given hope towards another horror title to be in the works, perhaps Until Dawn 2?

Supermassive Games Executive Director Pete Samuels talking about exclusive titles to be under consideration said that the studio does have a lot of exclusive titles in the works for PlayStation. Now he did not say, which one or what kind but of the fans would really like to see Supermassive Games’s Until Dawn 2 that is for sure.

Pete when asked about “Man of Medan” not being an exclusive title, he said, the team is working on,

“several unannounced PS-exclusives.”

As you can guess, this statement does open up a lot of speculations on what the studio might be working on and what the fans are expecting. Among which of course Until Dawn 2 has a high anticipation. Having said that bear in mind that since no name has been given, so Until Dawn 2 to be in the works is entirely a rumor and should be treated as such.

However, considering the fact that Until Dawn when it rolled out in 2015, did attract a lot of audiences and perhaps that is why picking up the game where it was left off, might be a considerable option.

Source: Resetera

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