Even with all the shenanigans, it seems like State of Decay 2 is losing its grip a little, some even notice the game getting a little stale. And that is also considering that little DLC. However, Undead Labs has just recently rolled out the free State of Decay 2 Content Update, Zedhunter, which has also added the crossbow.

So now you can you will be able to pick off those zombies without drawing attention or wasting ammo, as the crossbow ammo is recoverable. Moreover, you will also find three swords and three knives as well, in the case you do not find crossbow to satisfy your needs.

Having said that they have also promised more additions for State of Decay 2, such as the difficulty level as well as the opportunity to “return to Trumbull Valley”. However that is all to take place in 2019, so we are still a few months back.

So what are your thoughts about State of Decay 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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