Based on the listings on the eshops here is the list of Game File Sizes for Nintendo Switch.


  • Warframe – 12.2GB
  • Onimusha: Warlords – 9.6GB
  • Youtubers Life: OMG Edition – 2.3GB
  • Ms. Splosion Man – 1.4GB
  • Mars: Chaos Menace – 1.4GB
  • Azbu – 1.3GB
  • Gelly Break – 947MB
  • Mimpi Dreams – 406MB
  • 99Vidas: Definitive Edition – 404MB
  • Desktop Soccer – 297MB
  • Soap Dodgem – 231MB
  • Super Hydorah – 213MB
  • Tinboy – 201MB
  • RocketsRocketsRockets – 170MB
  • R-Type Dimensions EX – 165MB
  • Toast Time: Smash Up! – 98.0MB
  • Cattails – 93.0MB
  • Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Heavy Barrel – 71.0MB

Having said that this information has been taken from eShop listings in North America, Europe, and Japan. What are your thoughts about the sizes? Let us know in the comments below.

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