Square Enix is mostly known from its finest RPG series Final Fantasy. So if the news we are about to discuss turns out to be true, it could mean that another RPG referred to as “Last Idea” could very well be in the list of future Square Enix Games list.

Yes, that is right, it seems to be that Square Enix might be working on another RPG known as Last Idea. Although it is not official at the moment so do bear in mind that this does have the tendency to be proven otherwise.

That said just recently Square Enix filed a trademark for Last Idea as a video game. At the same time, that trademark also became publically available over at Twitter saying “LASTIDEA_RPG surfaced in Japan”.

However, no official confirmation has been added so we can not be certain about it altogether. Also, it is not sure whether that Twitter account is officially Square Enix’s or not. However, the timing of this Last Idea trademark does seem to suggest that it might be on the future Square Enix Games list.

Source: Resetera

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