Fans of the strategy video games know that Command & Conquer games were among the very best few strategy games that walked the planet. Upon hearing the news fans were very much excited for both the original Command & Conquer as well as Red Alert Remaster. And now Electronic Arts has given confirmation that both of these games will be in 4K.

Furthermore, EA has also said that both of these games will land “without microtransactions” so heads up to this good news.

Moreover, EA is also going as far as to recruit Petroglyph Games and the best part is that this studio also includes devs from the original Westwood Studio‘s team. So theoretically they will be keeping the true spirit of the game even after so many years.

We also have the composer Frank Klepacki making a return, so expect some updated compositions for sure. With all that said the work at the moment has not started but they definitely are prepping things up. So might be a little while before we actually get to see Command & Conquer Remaster in play.

Are you excited for these popular strategy games getting a remaster, after over two decades? Let us know in the comments below.

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