When Venom rolled out it did not receive those positive reviews which were expected of it. Most of the critics agreed upon the fact that this super villain film spent too much time on the origin that it lost its touch completely. However, despite all that Venom Success is no accident that is for sure.

Recently CNET reported that Venom despite not being an extraordinary Marvel Film seems to have made $675 million USD globally, surpassing even Justice League. Which made a staggering $657.9 million in total.

When Venom rolled out, it was only praised by Tom Hardy’s amazing performance. For most, it was him who saved the movie in the first place from failure. However, following its rise to success, it appeared as if the success of Venom came from its failure, perhaps?

Which did compel some of the critics to rethink their stance on this Marvel film, of course, they did not admit to it. Perhaps now they might admit that they were wrong?

What are your thoughts about Venom’s success? Let us know in the comments below.

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