One of the best habits a video game developer company can adopt is to answers queries of the fans regarding the upcoming titles and not in a misleading way. This habit is apparently found in BioWare, thank goodness. And this time they have answered with some really interesting details about the futuristic weapons in Anthem.

Following the recent livestreams, most of the fans have been wondering about more live gameplay footage of Anthem. To which Ben Irving, the lead producer on this game said over at social media that another live stream shall hopefully be taking place next week.

Irving also shed light on weapons in Anthem. When asked about more futuristic weapons in this game, he said that BioWare might be adding more futuristic weapons in Anthem. However, he did say that weapons that have higher rarity might itch player until such time.

All the while, Justin Masse, the technical UX designer working on Anthem also over at Twitter shared some details regarding the Javelin Suits in the game. He shared a photo of his Colossus exosuit, which as can been seen is all customized with various colors and cosmetic tweaks.

This he shared to give the fans an idea of what Javelin personalization could actually be like in the game.

With that said since we are expecting more live gameplay of Anthem to take place next week hopefully, it would be out of line to not shed light on the hard work the devs have been put in the gameplay of Anthem.

According to Anthem’s creative director Jonathan Warner, if anything else, BioWare has a major focus set on the gameplay of Anthem. And perhaps that is why, even at this stage, the game seems to raise a lot of expectations.

So three things we think are the major attractions of this upcoming game. Its gameplay, the Javelins suits for sure and its open world.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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