Fallout 76 is scheduled to go live on November 14th and while we are just a few days apart, we have recently had Fallout 76 Beta for which the period has ended. However, now it seems like PC players who had this beta installed are facing a really worrisome issue.

They can’t seem to uninstall the game, as whenever they do, they are prompted with a message saying.

“You do not have access to this game”

And so they are not able to uninstall the game. It apparently does not matter that they received the code from someone or bought a copy for themselves. PC players are facing this issue as it seems. It is to be noted that not all players are reporting this issue but based on the reports, the number is quite high.

Some of the players have shared this issue they are facing on Reddit as well as those Bethesda forums also seem to be complaining about this, so if you are facing this issue then you are not alone.

Moreover, the message that prevents form uninstall the Fallout 76 Beta also asks players to make sure that they are signed in with the Bethesda.net. However, signing in and out does not seem to solve this issue.

“Please check to make sure you are signed in with the Bethesda.net account associated with the purchase of this game”

With all that said, the big issue is that this Fallout 76 Beta is about 30 GB in size and that is what really seems to agitate the players. It’s simply taking too much space. Still, if you feel like you can manually delete the launcher and the files as well as remove it from the registry then you can proceed at your own risk.

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