Just recently Geoff Keighley took to his official Twitter account to talk about the upcoming Game Awards for the year 2018. And he has added a lot to the already existing hype for the event.

Keighley said that this year’s Game Awards event will be way more than anyone one is already expecting. We all already know that this event is going to be one of the biggest video gaming events for this year. For those who have seen the previous Game Awards, they would know that normally at this event we get to see multiple new game announcements in addition to the awards.

So considering that a lot of excitement is in order, and who knows what will come.

Having said that some of the games that are aiming to roll out this year or the next year include, GTFO, Witchfire, Soul Calibur 6. These titles were announced at the Game Awards last year, so considering that we certainly can expect something interesting to land at the Game Awards 2018.

Among so many titles that we think might be getting attention at the event, Death Stranding is one of them. We have been receiving quite a lot of details and trailers regarding this title and while no particular release date has been revealed, it would seem like a perfect time and place to further highlight this upcoming title.

With that being said, Keighley also added that Game Awards 2018 shall be streaming to 40 other platforms as well. Youtube, Twitch and many more.

Keighley also said the same in an interview with GamesBeat saying,

“This year there was quite a runoff, with a lot of games that wanted slots to be part of the show and share new content,” he said. “Another thing you’ll see this year — yes, we have new game announcements, but we also have a lot of ongoing games.”

So while all hopes are up, what are your expectations from the Game Awards 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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