Well, it seems pretty obvious to everyone that announcing Diablo Immortal was a poor choice for Blizzard and now they too acknowledge it. As you may know that Diablo Immortal did not do good at Blizzcon, in fact, the company actually received quite a backlash over it.

To perhaps, such a level that they had to announce Diablo 4 in order to settle the heat they were receiving from the fans. Now though, Activision Blizzard has acknowledged it, however, Blizzard Asian has said that they are working on a strategy to tackle this issue.

Also to add here is the fact, that the company’s share has continuously been suffering a drop. A few days back following the Blizzcon, the company suffered a 7% drop and now the share has dropped even further, about 11%.

On that note, Blizzard Asian has said that developing a strategy is a necessity and not an option. Now putting all that into context, there are a few who seem to suggest that Diablo Immortal was not a poor choice but rather a smart one. They seem to suggest that the error that caused this backlash is merely down to stage management and presentation.

On that note, I would like to say that how can shares actually suffer a great loss based on poor presentation? The product delivers what it was meant to deliver. What actually went wrong was the fact that fans were expecting a new Diablo title and they received a mobile title.

Diablo 4 was what they had been waiting for quite some time and at one of the biggest events, where it should have been revealed, they rolled out something much less of interest to the Diablo fans. It was in fact, a really poor marketing strategy and a poor judgment call by Blizzard.

And from there on out, the company has been trying to clean up their mess. In this fast-paced gaming industry, it is all about timing and what fans love. If you fail to do so in any one of these aspects, you suffer the loss.

Having said that Blizzard needs to recalibrate what they are about to do. There are a lot of things they would need to consider other than Diablo Immortal.

The Blizzard’s share drop was reported by Bloomberg. According to them while the publisher’s net income is on the rise, its revenues, bookings along with monthly active users have significantly dropped.

All of this can not be because a presentation was done wrong. The fact that they are saying that translates this into some kind of Domino Effect taking place. However, I like to add that this is more of a Ripple Effect that has taken over Blizzard, in reference to this situation.

Bets are that all this will soon blow over, all Blizzard needs to do is sustain this for the time being and avoid losing their fan base over this mobile investment.

With all that said, what are your thoughts, do you think that Diablo Immortal was a poor choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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