Few seasons can boast of the level of critical and commercial acclaim received by the HBO fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’ which incidentally is in its eighth and final year of production. Through a compelling storyline and engaging characters, the show in quote of one of its actor has enamored audiences ‘from the Middle East to the Middle Earth’. So below, we try to shed light on a few aspects and how the Game Of Thrones Plot actually detailed from its source material, also what it means for the upcoming season.

Though it has not been all roses for the show as it has met with its share of criticism particularly from season four onwards when the show’s plotlines begin to surpass those from its source material. The season itself is an adaptation of epic fantasy saga ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ whose author George R.R Martin has acquired somewhat of a dubious distinction for his sluggish pace of writing which eventually led to the show surpassing the storyline.

Much to the fans dismay some of the story threads transpiring in later seasons of the show felt hopelessly contrived and half-baked (read: Dorne), and glaring omissions of some key details (Lady Stoneheart, Young Griff)  from the books upset the readers as it signaled the Plot of Game Of Thrones drifting away from its source material which albeit minor adjustments it had so faithfully adhered to up till that point.

In the last (seventh) season the viewers got to witness a venturesome mission. In which a company of seven led by Jon Snow traveled north of the Great Wall to retrieve evidence of the existence of Others, so as to convince Queen Cersei to come to parley with her opponents in order to unite forces to combat the Others. Which pose an existential threat to the whole of Westeros. The mission though partly successful in its objective came at a stupendous cost as Daenerys in bid to rescue Jon Snow and company from the clutches of the walkers lost Viserion, one of her three dragons to the Night’s King, who later used it to demolish the Great Wall.

The battle scenes showcased beyond the wall were without a shred of doubt bedazzling to behold and stuffed with enough action and adrenaline to keep one hooked to the edge of his or her seat but seemed to tremendously lag behind in terms of Game Of Thrones Plot development. To begin with the whole premise of stepping into the heart of the Other’s territory north of the wall with a group of seven no less just so to persuade a vile and backstabbing Cersei seemed outright idiotic and suicidal to the core. And not to mention the implausibility of Dany’s relativity defying speedy descent north of the wall and the Others access to metal chains gave the impression that the creators of the show were fixated more on the visual than the literal aspect of the story.

We know by now that some snippets from the story, which have not been featured in the books yet have been divulged by the author to the show producers to help them steer the narrative of show forward. However, much of the fandom is almost convinced that the farcical beyond the wall excursion definitely won’t cut the mustard in the books and even if it does the Game of Thrones Plot will be much better streamlined and nuanced to give a ‘legit’ suspension of disbelief so to say.

The sixth installment of the series ‘Winds of Winter’ is yet to see the light of day and to satisfy the insatiable thirst of the book readers who eagerly await its release with bated breath Martin doles out encyclopedic volumes which document in detail the history and events of Westeros.

‘Fire and Blood’ is one such encyclopedic volume scheduled to be released in November of this year which chronicles the history of the ascension and reign of House Targaryen some 300 years before the events foretold in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Recently, an excerpt from the forthcoming book appeared on Martin’s blog which alluded to Queen Alysanne Targaryen trip to the Great Wall in the North atop her dragon Silverwing

“Thrice I flew Silverwing high above Castle Black, and thrice I tried to take her north beyond the Wall,” Alysanne wrote to Jaehaerys, “but every time she veered back south again and refused to go. Never before has she refused to take me where I wished to go. I laughed about it when I came down again, so the black brothers would not realize anything was amiss, but it troubled me then and it troubles me still.”

From the above excerpt, it can clearly be discerned that the dragon is privy to the dangers, which lurk beyond the wall and unwilling to take the risk despite its immense powers. The source of dragon’s disconcert can be none other the Others but they were nowhere perceptible by the time Queen Alysanne visited the Wall which could either relay that the Others were never really vanquished as told in the Battle of the Dawn and had momentarily retreated to the Lands of Always Winter, waiting for the appropriate time to strike back. The above passage is also a striking departure from the events portrayed in season 7 where Dany’s dragons descend on a horde of Others without as much of a shard of restraint.

What could this inconsistency amount to? Has Martin completely let the Game Of Thrones Plot entirely off the hook and has taken the control of narrative as he sees fit without due consideration of the studio? And if that is the case how would it affect the ending of the season finale next year.

Talking about the finale of GOT, very recently, Peter Dinklage who is playing the role of Tyrion Lannister in the GOT show, said that Game Of Thrones ending would be brilliant.

So putting all that into context, what are your thoughts regarding Game Of Thrones Plot derailing from its source material? Let us know in the comments below.

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