Any true gamer will surely know about the name Mario. He would also know what amazing titles this name has been introduced with. However, that very true gamer would be sad to know that the inspiration behind Mario’s Name, Mario Segale has passed away.

Mario Segale passed away at the age of 84 and left all of the Mario name fans at despair if nothing less. For those who do not know Mario Segale was a successful real estate developer and in his honor, this inspiration behind Mario’s Name was surrounded by loved ones in Washington before he passed away.

Back in 1981, When Nintendo of America was bringing Donkey Kong to the west, Mario Sagale was at that time renting a warehouse in Washington to Nintendo of America and there it struck “Mario”.

With all that said, it is strange to know that Segale was aware of the fact that he was the inspiration behind Mario’s Name but he always appeared to distance himself from it.

Talking with Seattle Times about Mario, Segale said,

“You might say I’m still waiting for my royalty checks.”

Well, that would be a whole new debate but it surely is sad as one of the biggest inspiration behind one of the biggest names in the gaming industry has left us.

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