For the animation lovers, How To Train Your Dragon Game has recently been announced by Dreamworks and its developer Outright Game. The name of the game is Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.

This Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is based on the much loved and acclaimed, How To Train Your Dragon animation movie. Moreover, it will be released across all platforms in February of 2019.

Having said that not sure if you know or not but a new entry to in this animation series is also on its way. It is called How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden Word and it is scheduled to hit cinemas on 22 February.

Which as you can imagine has intentionally been made ironic in its nature as following three days, How To Train Your Dragon Game will also land. So both of them will serve as marketing products for each other in a way.

Here is how the publishers and devs of this upcoming game describe it.

Players will join the new heroic duo, Scribbler and Patch, in an epic battle to save dragons and defeat a new villain, Eir, who is controlling dragons to carry out her evil plans. They’ll clash against fierce enemies, explore new and familiar locations and interact with favorite characters in this fun and fiery action adventure.

With all that said, Dragons: Dawn of New Riders will roll out in February for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

So what are your expectations form both the name and the upcoming sequel of the animation? Let us know in the comments below.

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