If you have the Fallout 76 Beta on your PC then you would already know that its Beta was to start today and it has. However, before the fans could actually immerse themselves into the game, they were exposed to a Fallout 76 Bug which resulted in a 50 GB data loss.

This bug surfaced in the last few hours in Bethesda’s launcher and as mentioned has some really intense repercussions for those who have encountered this Fallout 76 Bug.

Earlier today, Bethesda made a Tweet in which they highlighted this issue and said that while they are investigating this issue they would urge the players to not click on any buttons for the time being.
On the same issue, Bethesda has also acknowledged the fact that due to this Fallout 76 Bug some of the players are not able to enjoy the game and for that they apologize and as a compensation, they have extended the Fallout 76 Beta dates.

As for the Fallout 76 Bug, it turns out that this is pretty weird in its nature. If a player clicked on any button on the launch client, it deleted the entire 50 GB beta. Which resulted in users downloading the whole Fallout 76 Beta all over again.

That said, there is one assurance in all this and it is the fact that beta of the game has been extended from Thursday, November 1st, 2 pm to 11 pm ET.

Be that as it may, it still is a bummer knowing the fact that Fallout 76 is something of an experiment even for the company. And the fans have been anticipating to check out the beta of the game. However, such a bug might not be taken as a good start for the title.

Let see what becomes of this.

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